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InfoRouter Features

Document Management is critical to your success, whether you work in words, pictures, audio, video or scanned images. infoRouter can manage any type of document or file in its native format. With the advanced versioning technology, you will be able to revert to earlier versions, compare versions and maintain document integrity with the Check In - Check Out driven Version Control System. Using the integrated WebDAV Server technology, you will be able to seamlessly use Microsoft Office documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and other WebDAV compliant desktop tools to create documents directly from desktop applications.

Our integrated enterprise document management software enables organizations to efficiently create, capture, classify, secure, share, distribute and manage electronic files and paper-based documents in a highly scalable and open environment that is web based

Snowman Features

If you are responsible for admissions or development activities for your school, you know the importance of accuracy, follow-up and attention to detail. Most comprehensive software solutions are too expensive for the average school budget. Wouldn't it be great to have an affordable software solution which increases your productivity and effectiveness? Now there is - Introducing DaySchool®. This cost effective and easy to use software program will provide a centralized database for your school.

Extensive Reporting

DaySchool® includes preformatted reports for most common school reporting needs. However, it is very easy to create and save custom reports based on your school’s needs. Depending on the report chosen, data is presented in a spreadsheet or graphical format. Custom reports may include any data field, filters, sorting options and summary totals.