Document Management System

infoRouter Document Management Software provides a rich toolset to help users manage your valuable business documents and records efficiently. Managing users, security and access permissions, user groups, document libraries, versioning and document control are just a few management functions of infoRouter enterprise document management software.

infoRouter Document Management Software seamlessly integrates with popular desktop authoring tools to create documents and content that are managed in their native format. Paper documents and forms can be scanned and stored with an indexing and meta data to create searchable content. Document profiling and tagging helps users quickly search for and retrieve relevant documents. Electronic Forms can easily be designed to capture forms based information which can be rendered in multiple formats. All content stored in infoRouter can be routed to defined workflows.

The centralized Document Library provides a self-service environment with which authorized users can manage document lifecycles efficiently and securely. Tracking changes to documents, audit trails and logs will help you manage your documents with incredible efficiency and speed.

Using infoRouter, you will be able to deliver the right content and documents to the right people in a timely and efficient manner. You can use multiple channels such as the infoRouter Document Library, infoRouter Portals and email notifications to provide universal access to documents and information critical to business processes.

Being able to retain and archive electronic documents and quickly recover them for online use is critical. The infoRouter document management software system can help organizations save time and money by lowering the cost of indexing, categorizing and organizing your corporate records. While promoting a paperless office environment, infoRouter can also reduce the risks and costs associated with a growing number of legal and regulatory compliance requirements, such as those related to ISO Certification, HIPAA, SEC and the Sarbanes Oxley Act.