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Solution for Higher Education

infoRouter helps you make accurate, timely decisions for admission, financial aid and all other university departments, boosts productivity by allowing users to access all forms, documents, student records thorugh web. It puts all users in touch, allows for collobaration and instant updates, alerts for changes and assigned tasks. Proven ease of us and familiar User Interfaces increases proficency and cuts down on learning/training time. Few Highlights:

Paper documents, financial aid forms, students applications, medical records, checks can be scanned and stored with Meta data to create searchable content. With our standalone ScanStation, users can upload scanned documents. In the process, they can add custom properties, OCR text and set retention dates. Scanned documents can be converted to PDF and submitted to workflows within this tool. With our Hot Folder technology running as a service on any machine to scan (watch) file system folders such as incoming faxes, scanned documents, electronically generated documents etc. and send these documents to infoRouter folders. With our WEB-API technology, you can connect your existing applications into infoRouter.

Our workflow management module allows you to automate routine flows and rules where a generated documents are passed from one user to the other via email notifications and task assignments. Our MicroSoft integration allows creation of documents within desktop tools such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint and saves them directly into infoRouter without having to upload. As a part of MS integration, you will be able to store your e-mails from outlook and search for them later. HR policies and procedures can be assigned to auto review and approval cycles, infoRouter then notifies reviewers via e-mails with hyperlinks to documents and keeps track of all the logs for compliance reporting.