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Collaboration Management

Content-driven collaboration has become a key requirement in today's modern economy. Efficient interaction between partners, employees, vendors and clients is no longer a luxury but rather a requirement.

Unfortunately, in most companies collaboration is synonymous to hallway conversations and scheduled meetings. Communication of changes to mission-critical business documents are usually left to chance.

The infoRouter document and collaboration management software platform provides and promotes a collaborative web based environment that is ideal for remote or distributed teams. Decision making, evaluating and management of proposals and projects are significantly improved through powerful communication methods, joint calendars, schedules and email.

infoRouter Collaboration software offers a web browser based, centralized "digital workspace" that promotes a community of informed users. Allows for content collaboration and gives users a document management platform to search and access important business content. You can save money on routine expenses such as travel because remote project members can be just as effective without having to travel.

With effective and collaborative methods, valuable time and effort is not wasted trying to track down and find project information. Organizations are not at risk of losing information. Decisions are not made based upon inaccurate assumptions.

The easy to use interface of infoRouter provides for a pleasant user experience which eliminates costs related to training.

Collaboration Software Usage Examples:

  • Proposal Development in manufacturing and professional services
  • Contract Management
  • Project Management
  • Corporate Collateral Management
  • New product development and launches
  • Corporate policies involving multiple departments
  • Contract negotiations
  • Approval and workflow scenarios

Key benefits of Collaboration:

  • Increased efficiency and productivity.
  • Streamline communication and automate formal sign-off and approval processes.
  • Reduced risk and liability through communication management.
  • A centralized and managed environment to store content.
  • Expense Reduction. Save on travel expenses by creating a digital secure collaboration environment.