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Forms Management

Form Management plays an important role in the administration of electronic and paper based information capture in modern businesses. Paper based forms are quickly being replaced by online forms which users can either download or simply fill-out over the web.

infoRouter electronic form management software , which is an integral part of the core content and document management software is a critical business tool. It provides an environment in which document formatting is done once and the rest of the energy is spent on creating and managing actual content.

Generating content and documents that comply with corporate standards is more difficult and costly than one would think. Reflecting a consistent corporate image is critical to a business. Standard colors, logos, disclaimers are not only esthetically important but also critical to the success of your business. The omission of a critical "Disclaimers" or "Proper Use" sections from a document may cause embarrassing situations, not to mention legal issues that may be very costly.

Using infoRouter electronic form management software templates, authors do not have to worry about the final formatting or inclusion of standard text. infoRouter takes care of the inclusion of critical disclaimers, proper use and warranty information sections as well as final formatting.

Modern businesses create an incredible amount of content. It is virtually impossible to control all the content generated without the help of an industrial strength document management software.

Additionally, infoRouter is capable of rendering documents data in multiple formats. Users can enter document data using a friendly HTML form template. infoRouter stores the form values in an XML file. Each section of the form template refers to a specific section in the XML data file. Using a different form template, you can refer to the different sections of the XML file. The end result is being able to display selected sections of the XML file in different formats. This is referred to as "Rendering Options".

Form template usage scenarios:

  • Proposal Development Contract Development and Management Corporate Collateral Development and Management New product Development Corporate Policies and Employee Guidelines Training Guides and Manuals Corporate Communication Collaterals Corporate Memos and Announcements

Key benefits of using infoRouter Form Management Software:

  • Increased efficiency and productivity in content generation life-cycle. Reduced risk and liability through standard templates that include critical content sections. Production of consistent content regardless of author. Promotes a paperless office environment through effective form management. Expense savings through the elimination of post-production formatting. Improved accuracy through the elimination of handwriting errors
  • Paper based standard forms such as vacation requests, expense reports, purchase requisitions can be replaced with electronic versions.