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Business Situation

Access to documents, identifying the correct version of documents, and collaboration on engineering documents across multiple geographies with plants all over the globe is a challenge. Keeping tight controls on access and modification of mission critical business documents and engineering designs are major concerns. Keeping all your ISO procedures and documents up to date and review processes can be very time consuming. Keeping up with Sarbanes requirements, keepig processes up to date and available can become a bottle neck. Maintaining such controls and being able to manage the life-cycle of documents is not possible with garden variety file system solutions. An industrial strength document management system is required to manage the complex creation, management, and distribution requirements.

Technical situation

infoRouter can provide a software solution to provide the following:

• Access to documents from remote locations around the world.
• Eliminate version control problems.
• Quick access to documents even on slow internet connections.
• Secure communications and access to critical design documents.
• Eliminate the problem of losing documents.
• Ability to control the entire document life-cycle.
• Control and Manage ISO Process.
• Meet all your Sarbanes requirements.


infoRouter Version 8.0 can provide a complete solution to these problems. The system can be implemented within a matter of days and the process to import existing documents can start immediately. InfoRouter can be deployed on your existing infrastructure leveraging existing investment in equipment and software such as MS SQL Server. The web based server software can be implemented in its entirety within a matter of weeks and can be made available to several thousand users with no client-side implementation effort.


Typically our customers do not require any training and the entire roll-out can be internalized saving the company training costs. The ease of use and familiar interface which was web based was quickly accepted by users.

Your company can quickly form a central repository of documents most frequently accessed by engineers and other key staff members.

The number of design documents normally shipped out via international courier companies can be reduced saving the company a considerable amount in shipping costs. Secured and compressed documents can help resolve network bottlenecks that previously existed.