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Portal Management

Web Portal Software Systems have become a very effective communication medium for sharing information and conducting business transactions with customers, vendors and partners. Portals have become gateways to information in many progressive companies where employees directly log into corporate portals to start their days.

infoRouter Web Portal Software is an integral part of the core infoRouter Enterprise Content and Document Management Software Platform. Our Portal Management System dramatically simplifies the creation and management of portals.

The focus of our software is on presenting documents and content in an effective manner to individuals, groups, customers, partners and vendors.

Our software promotes a high level of standardization and reuse of content and resources. Predetermined content in infoRouter can be easily presented in the portal without any involvement from webmasters or IT staff. New or updated content in infoRouter is automatically reflected on to the portal making it virtually maintenance free. Portal content can be edited from remote locations without the involvement of technical staff.

An unlimited number of web portals can be created to serve multiple audiences. infoRouter lets you create as many portals as you wish with no limitations whatsoever. Multi-language portals to serve overseas customers, customer specific portals are among the common usage scenarios or infoRouter portals.

Key usage scenarios of Web Portals:

  • Knowledge Management Portals Management Portals for Executives and Managers Customer portals Employee portals Partner portals Project portals

Key benefits of the infoRouter Web Portal system:

  • Productivity gains due to increased speed in which information can be found. Other portal software products, introduce limitations on how many portals can be created.
  • Increased collaboration. Easy access to enterprise resources. Increased effectiveness
  • Ability to quickly build custom portals for multiple audiences