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Product Overview

Enterprise Content and Document Management Software that will completely change the way you look at managing your paper and electronic documents.

Document Management

As modern business becomes global, it is vital that your information keeps up with you. The infoRouter Document Management Software makes that easier than ever, allowing you unprecedented freedom, simplicity, flexibility and security to manage and work on your documents from any location in the world. Any authorized person—your customers, vendors, partners or employees—can create, view, edit, share, and control and manage your documents safely and securely anytime and anywhere in the world.

Businesses generate a tremendous amount of paper and digital content. Proposals, contracts, customer profiles, human resources related documents, financial reports, forms, announcements and memos are generated every day. The fact is that, most organizations cannot effectively manage the vast number of documents without an industrial strength Document Management software.

Studies show that in most corporate environments, knowledge workers spend up to 40 percent of their time trying to find information they need in their daily routines. Time spent searching for documents, re-creating documents that already exist and shuffling through unstructured information account for billions of dollars in the US alone. In fact, most organizations do not effectively track their corporate documents or realize the vast number of documents they create in their businesses.

The infoRouter Document Management Software enables organizations to effectively and efficiently create, capture, secure, share, distribute and manage digital and paper-based documents.

Content Management

infoRouter Content Management Software Platform offers a flexible and robust content management solution that allows employees, customers and partners to safely collaborate on, contribute to and manage business content anywhere around the world.

A rich set of document management tools assist in creating and managing valuable information and intellectual assets of any type and format.

Document Based Workflow Management

The multi-step document review and approval system built into infoRouter provides a mechanism in which documents can be submitted to one or more defined approval cycles.

The easy to define approval cycles allow for documents to be passed from one infoRouter user to another for their review/approval until the document is either rejected or approved. Users with appropriate access can track these documents and their current statuses.

Collaboration Management

Content-driven collaboration has become a key requirement in today's modern economy. Efficient interaction between partners, employees, vendors and clients is no longer a luxury but rather a requirement. Unfortunately, most companies do a better job managing their office supplies than they do managing their mission-critical business documents.

infoRouter Collaboration Management offers a Web-accessible and centralized "digital workspace" that facilitates content collaboration and gives users a document management platform to search and access all business content.

With Collaboration Management valuable time and effort is not wasted trying to track down and find project information and discussions; organizations are not at risk of losing information; and decisions are not made based upon inaccurate assumptions.

The easy to use interface of infoRouter provides for a pleasant user experience which eliminates costs related to training. This results in a lower cost of ownership without having to sacrifice on the quality of document management.

Records Management and Regulatory Compliance

With the infoRouter Web-based document management software solution, organizations can save money and time by lowering the cost managing documents. Additionally, infoRouter can help to reduce risk and lower costs associated with a variety of regulatory and legal compliance processes, such as those related to ISO certification and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.

infoRouter is a DoD (Department of Defense) 5015.2, HIPAA, Sarbanes Oxley and ISO Compliant Records Management Software. This software platform allows businesses to organize and manage business content in an efficient manner while remaining compliant with a growing number or regulatory mandates.

Corporate records, policies and procedures, memos, customer records can be easily managed and organized in a safe, secure and cost-effective way.

Critical business content creation, classification, sharing, retention and destruction are all automatically handled by infoRouter.

The infoRouter Document and Content Management Software platform allows quick and efficient access to corporate information and digital assets.

One of the primary focuses of the infoRouter Content and Document Management Software platform is easy and quick access to information. This platform promotes an environment where information can be quickly found and re-used, not re-created.

The powerful Search and Categorization mechanism allows users to quickly identify fresh content.

Portal Management

As a part of our Content and Document Management Strategy, we have included Portal Management features directly into the infoRouter Enterprise Content and Document Management Software Platform.

Portals have become a very effective communication medium for sharing information and conducting business transactions with customers, vendors and partners.

The infoRouter Portal System dramatically simplifies the creation and management of portals. Our portal approach focuses on presenting infoRouter content in an effective matter to individuals, groups, customers, partners and vendors.

The infoRouter Portal Software System promotes a high level of standardization and reuse of infoRouter content and resources. Predetermined content in infoRouter can be easily presented in the portal without any involvement from webmasters or IT staff. New or updated content in infoRouter is automatically reflected on to the portal making it virtually maintenance free.

Unlike many software products, you have no limitations on how many portals you may create. An unlimited number of portals can be created to serve multiple audiences.

Forms Management

infoRouter offers a robust Form Template Management Software Platform.

This feature allows you to secure your existing investment in standard HTML forms. Simply upload your existing forms into infoRouter. infoRouter will automatically expose these forms as templates.

Your standard HTML forms will immediately become available as forms that can be used as fill-in-the-blanks templates.

The advantage of using form templates is that they are easy to use and they can easily be formatted to create rich documents and content that complies with corporate standards. Your authors will only have to worry about entering the content text. The entered text will be processed and published in accordance with the template style and rules. These forms can then be routed to the appropriate parties for approval or extra action.


WebDav (Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning) is quickly becoming an industry standard for web authoring.

infoRouter WebDAV allows users to bypass the infoRouter interface to upload new documents, view documents, drag-and-drop new documents and export documents out of infoRouter. Users can directly open infoRouter documents from within the file explorer. With WebDAV compatible applications such as Microsoft's Word, you will be able to simply double-click on Word documents, make changes and hit the save button to directly save documents into infoRouter.