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Telecom Business situation

Access to documents spread across multiple file servers with multiple mapped and shared drives can cause massive issues in finding business critical documents. Identifying the correct version of documents, and making these documents available can be a daunting task. Processing invoices and checks can be a challenge. Passing around documents via emails can cause additional problems due to large file attachments and wrongs versions being treated as current documents.

Technical situation

Without an industrial strength software to facilitate the managing, securing and sharing of these documents you can keep adding to your servers and disk drives causing the problem to compound. The lack of software power that was required to provide a document repository that can be accessed from different locations and even time zones had to be addressed. infoRouter can provide a software solution to provide the following:

  • A central document repository that would shield users from complicated sharing schemes.Provide around the clock document repository access to business units which are geographically dispersed. Ability to store large amounts of documents, training videos, courseware, flash and shockwave files and keep up with their versions. Eliminate the problem of losing documents.Eliminate the problem to re-create documents or information that already exists in the company.Ability to manage security and access rules for massive amounts of documents.Establish tight controls on and enable to elimination of junk documents, duplicate information and outdated documents.


infoRouter Version 8.0 can provide a complete solution to these problems. The system can be implemented within a matter of days and the process to import existing documents can start immediately. InfoRouter can be deployed on your existing infrastructure leveraging existing investment in equipment and software such as MS SQL Server. The web based server software can be implemented in its entirety within a matter of weeks and can be made available to several thousand users with no client-side implementation effort.


Typically our customers do not require any training and the entire roll-out can be internalized saving the company training costs. The ease of use and familiar interface which was web based was quickly accepted by users.

The built-in LDAP integration allows existing user accounts to be used for infoRouter eliminating the need to users to maintain a separate account for infoRouter.

Searching for and finding documents will no longer be an issue. Deleted documents can now be quickly recovered from the infoRouter recycle bins.

All communication among project members and staff are done through infoRouter. Document links are sent out instead of entire documents as attachments. This can ensure that users always have access to the most current version [and prior if they choose to] of the documents. This can result in increased productivity and efficiency across multiple departments.