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Workflow Management

Workflow, Document Routing, Reviews, Approvals and Rejections

The integrated Workflow features of infoRouter Document Management System will help you manage your documents more effectively than ever.

infoRouter Workflow Management Software allows you to automate a business process, where a generated document has to be passed from one user to the other via email notifications and task assignments. Each user in the path of the defined workflow votes on the document expressing their views on the completeness and quality of the content.

Documents submitted to a workflow cycle, are reviewed by the defined users until the document is either rejected or approved. Users with appropriate access can track these documents and their current statuses.    

Virtually unlimited number of steps can be created to form the framework of a workflow process. Each step in a workflow can now group together a number of tasks. All tasks defined on the step are executed at the same time making these tasks (parallel) independent of one another. When all tasks on the step are completed, the execution of the workflow advances to the next step.

A task assignee may decide that the task should be assigned to another user. Reassignment of tasks can also be performed by the Library Managers, the system administrator (SYSADMIN) and the task supervisors.

Benefits of infoRouter Workflow Software.

  • Improved efficiency due to business process automation. Consistency and standardization in document life cycle management. Consistency and standardization in business process and methods. Proper tracking and auditing. Increased content quality. Elimination of risks associated with errors and omissions. A proceduralized way of performing business functions which allow for re-thinking of business methods. Streamlining of common business processes and functions leaving nothing to chance.