Atlanta Wildlife and Conservation

When you think of wildlife conservation you think woods, maybe even jungle.

Wildlife conservation protects animal and plant species.

People have contributed to the rapid decline of wildlife and their habitat. Pollution affects wildlife as does the expanding of the human race. Before houses and businesses became, the area was home to many wildlife species. While construction started these animals were forced to seek homes elsewhere. Atlanta itself has been losing around five hundred acres of forest each week due to new developments. Atlanta is said to have one of the lowest percentages of park space but Georgia conservation department has been working multiple projects to change that while saving wildlife and their natural habitats. Georgia conservation department has saved 625 acres on the civil war battlefield. Longleaf pine which stands at only three percent remaining got the conservation out to triple the forest size. Georgia conservation also restored over sixteen hundred acres that are part of the Oconee national forest which now extends 115,000 acres in Georgia.

Now I want to talk about why wildlife is so important.

Everything is part of a food chain, so when one animal becomes extinct it affects the other animals and humans as well, causing a break in the food chain. Protecting these species secures future food supply. Crop diversity leaves crops less vulnerable to disease. Twenty five percent of medicines contain chemicals from animals. Trees and plants provide the oxygen we need to breath. Losing wildlife creates ripples like a stone being thrown in a pond that impacts our lives and futures as well as the world’s. Global warming is affecting our wildlife as well and being caused by us. Global warming is said to be caused by carbon dioxide being released in the atmosphere and greenhouse gasses being released by the clearing of forest. Global warming is also said to cause rising sea levels from ice caps melting,and more severe weather. If we expect this to change we all need to work together to take care of and respect our planet and all who inhabit it. If you find wildlife in your home instead of killing, humanely remove the animal. that’s an easy start we can all do. I knew a couple who rescued a fawn who had been hit by a car. This couple nursed that fawn back to health and to this day that fawn still runs around their farm. They hoped the fawn would join the other deer that passed through and for the most part he did, but he always came back to their farm everyday. This couple would leave food out for him and waited for the day he rejoined the wild but loved having this up close relationship with him.