The clawed monster

What is it?

There was a clawed invader in my home. In fact, there were quite a few of them. But they weren’t the nightmare I’d envisioned. It turned out that a soon to be mother raccoon had decided that my attic was the perfect place to raise a family. And I can’t even begin to express my relief. Not just that it turned out to be such a minor issue, but that I hadn’t tried to take matters into my own hands. Because the reality is that I’m a human being and a tower over the mother raccoon. Not to mention how I weigh in against her cute little family.

If I’d tried to handle things on my own I might have received some bites, and in all probability I might have hurt that cute little family of furballs. Instead, wildlife control came in and spotted them pretty quickly. And they were able to simply relocate them to a nearby area where they can have a full and happy life.
And that’s really the most important thing. When fear is removed from the situation, nature is often just living beings trying to find a place for ourselves. As people with large brains and large hearts, it’s also up to us to handle things in the most humane and compassionate way possible. And wildlife removal company did a great job with it.