Humane Animal Removal Tools

There are humane ways to remove any animal that happens to end up in your home or business. If you are uncomfortable removing the animal yourself there are many resources you can contact for help like your local spca. Spca can also give you the numbers to local companies who specialize in humane animal removal. You should also check with your state laws before removing any unwanted wildlife due to maternity laws. Some of the common animals who may end up in your home are bats, squirrels, raccoons, opossums, snakes, mice and birds. There are cages out to catch and release wildlife for almost any animal that may wander in. If you have a bat in your house you can’t remove them May through August due to maternity. Any time in between you can install one way bat check valves on the entrances they’re using to get in. leave these valves in place for five to seven days and check to make sure all bats are gone. If the bats are all gone you need to seal the entrances to keep them from returning. Clean up all the messes left behind from the bats to avoid diseases they carry.

Animal control

If you have opossums in your home you’ll need to get a trap. Set these traps up outside of your house where the opossum gets in. make sure the trap is on a flat surface and use a brick or ropes to stabilize the trap so the opossum doesn”t knock it over. If using a one door trap put the bait beyond the trigger plate to keep the opossum from stealing the bait. If you have a two door trap put the bait in the center of the trap. You can use fruit or strong smelling foods for bait. Make sure you keep lids on your trash cans and yard clean to keep them from coming back. Make sure you clean all droppings and urine left from the opossum because of the diseases they contain.

Racoons in the house would require almost the same as the opossum. You’ll need a trap that’s placed on the outside of your home at entry points. The bait placement is the same as opossum except you’ll need to trail the bait into the trap. Make sure you have your trap stable to keep it from getting knocked over. Sweet food and meats are good bait for the racoon. You also need to make sure after the release of the raccoon to clean all droppings and urine because raccoons carry diseases.

If you have a squirrel in your home find all the points of entry and seal all but one and mount a trap or squirrel door. After the squirrel is gone seal that last entry point to stop a return.

If you have a snake in your home don’t panic. Allot of people are scared of snakes but snakes pass through and don’t usually enter houses. You could open a door and try and heard the snake out with a broom. You could also put something flat down and use a broom to coil and move the snake onto the flat surface then put a bowl on top flip it over and take it outside. You could also get a snake trap to catch and release the snake. Just remember snakes aren’t there to hurt you and are not considered a threat.

If you have birds in your home find the points of entry and seal them. Fill a bowl with birth seed after the birds finish it refill it and place it in a cage, then release the bird outside.

Rats and mice in a house are a common thing and a little harder to rid. You can get a trap to humanely remove mice or rats. You can also use cotton balls with peppermint oil to keep them away, just keep the cotton balls wet with the peppermint oil and place them around your house and in cabinets. Spray the outside of your home with apple cider vinegar and water. You’ll have to continue spraying over time since the weather can weaken the mixture, these are good remedies for humane rat removal. You will also need to make sure you clean all the droppings and urine because rats and mice carry several diseases.